John N. See

John Nugen See

June 26, 1818 - May 1, 1877

John Nugen SEE (son of Garred SEE and Florence Graham GARRED)2975, 2976, 2977, 2978, 2979, 2979, 2979 was born 26 Jun 1818 in Wayne Co., IN2980, 2981, 2982, 2983, 2983, 2983, and died 01 May 1877 in Lawrence Co., KY2984, 2985, 2986, 2987, 2987, 2987. He married Sarah WELLMAN on 25 Jun 1857 in Lawrence Co., KY2988, 2989, 2990, 2991, 2991, daughter of David WELLMAN and Rebecca Wilson.

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BIRTH: One source lists bd 22 June 1818.

RESIDENCE: John and Sarah lived and raised their family on the old See farm, at the head of Gum or See Branch.



The following article, written by W.D. O'Neal, appeared in the Ashland Daily Independent newspaper on March 15, 1940.

"The 'Dew Drop' lacked the lighting conveniences of boats of the present day. It ran at night by light from burning pine knots in iron baskets on the bow on each side, and pine torches were used in receiving and discharging passengers and freight. The river was the main artery of commerce and travel. All roads led to the river. It was the highway for those moving out and those moving in to this great valley.

The 'Dew Drop' register of April 20, 1871 shows among the passengers leaving Catlettsburg and their destinations, the following: Pete Marcum and W.M. Marcum, Mouth of Blaine; John Caldwell, Whites Creek; J.G. Burgess, Burgess Landing; W.M. Cains, Jake Rice, Rolen Burns, F.T.D Wallace, Mrs. John Rice, J.N.See [John N. SEE], John Hatcher and Mont Goble, Louisa, KY. Other passengers were rigistered for points up the river. As interesting as steamboating may have been in the 60's & 70's on the Big Sandy, it was not always smooth sailing. There are several shoals where the current is too swift for a boat to stem its engine power and it was necessary to "warp" through. A line was pulled along the waters edge and fastened to some solid object, the other end was wound around the capstan, and the boat moved on by a combination of manpower. Sometimes there were amusing incidents. On one occasion the 'Dew Drop' was entering Wild Goose Shoal. The deck hands took the line and were wading up stream to make the tie when suddenly they stopped as they ran into a trot line. The mate yelled, 'hurry up'. One of the men replied, 'Alright captain, but you'll have to wait 'til I git these here d--m fishhooks out of my britches."


DEATH: Died of Lung Fever.


In his application for his marriage License he stated that he was born in W. County, Indiana.

More About John Nugen SEE:
Date born 2: 1817, Indiana.2992
Date born 3: 1825, Indiana.2993
Burial: Unknown, See Cemetery, Lawrence Co., Kentucky.2994, 2995
Died 2: 1877, Lawrence, KY, USA.2996
Occupation: Farmer.2997, 2998
Residence 1: 1860, Not Stated, Lawrence, Kentucky.2999
Residence 2: 1870, Precinct 9, Lawrence, Kentucky.3000

More About John Nugen SEE and Sarah WELLMAN:
Marriage: 25 Jun 1857, Lawrence Co., KY.3001, 3002, 3003, 3004, 3004

Children of John Nugen SEE and Sarah WELLMAN are:

David Garred See, b. 1858, Lawrence, KY, USA3004, d. 05 Jun 19203004.
Amanda See, b. 18603004, d. date unknown.
Alwilda Pariee See, b. 22 Feb 18613004, d. 02 Feb 19353004.
Julia Margaret See, b. 11 Aug 1863, Lawrence, KY, USA3004, d. 29 Apr 1937, Fort Gay, WV, USA3004.
+James Elwood SEE, b. 18663005, 3006, 3007, 3008, d. 05 Feb 1945, Lawrence, Kentucky3009, 3010.
Mary J See, b. 18663010, d. 19503010.
+Montraville See, b. 18693010, 3010, 3011, d. 29 Sep 1939, Lawrence, KY, USA3012, 3012, 3013.
+Ida See, b. 18763014, 3014, d. 19473014, 3014.





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