John See

John See

October 10, 1757 - January 2, 1837

John See (son of Frederick Michael See and Catherine Vanderpool)2960, 2960, 2960, 2960, 2960, 2961, 2962 was born 10 Oct 1757 in South Branch, Hardy, VA, USA2962, 2962, 2963, 2964, and died 02 Jan 1837 in Decatur, Macon, IL, USA2964, 2964. He married (2) Margaret Jarrett on 03 Sep 1780 in Charleston, Kanawha, WV, USA2964.

ID: VA33487
Private John See Rank and File
State: Virginia
Division: 3rd
Brigade: Scott's
Regiment: 12th Virginia
Company: 2nd Lieut Robert Breckenridge

"That he enlisted in the army of the United States in the year of 1776, under Captain Arbuckle in Greenbrier County, VA for term of one year for purpose of defending the western frontier of Virginia from the incursions of the hostile Indians. He was then marched to the mouth of the Kenhaway where they remained for nearly twelve months; and in the meantime they erected a fort at the mouth of the said Kenhaway, and was discharged in September, 1777, having served twelve months. That he later enlisted in the army of the United States for the term of three years, in Bottetourt(sic) County, Virginia, under Captain Lapsley in the 12th Virginia, in General Scott's brigade. From thence he joined the main army at a place called the West Camp in Pennsylvania under General Washington. He then went into winter quarters at Valley Forge. At this time your applicant was under the command of Capt. Breckenridge. From Valley Forge the main army was marched to Monmouth in New Jersey, where a battle was fought, where your applicant engaged with the rest of the army. The army then went to White Plains; they returned to New Jersey and went into winter quarters at Middlebrook. During the next winter the army encamped on the North River; and your applicant was discharged the next spring at Camden, South Carolina, having served three years. During his service he was in the battle of Monmouth under General Washington, at Stony Point under General Wayne and Germantown under General Washington."

More About John See:
Date born 2: 10 Oct 1757, Augusta, VA, USA.2964
Date born 3: 10 Oct 1757, Hampshire, VA, USA.2964
Date born 4: 10 Oct 1757, Hardy, VA, USA.2964
Died 2: 02 Jan 1837, Macon, IL, USA.2964
Died 3: 02 Jan 1837, Macon, Macon, IL, USA.2964
Died 4: 02 Jan 1837, Mason, IL, USA.2964
Died 5: 02 Jan 1845, Macon, IL, USA.2964

More About John See and Margaret Jarrett:
Marriage: 03 Sep 1780, Charleston, Kanawha, WV, USA.2964

Children of John See are:

Michael Frederick See, b. 1789, Greenbrier, WV, USA2964, d. 1827, Franklin, Henry, IN, USA2964.
Elizabeth See, b. 1793, Greenbrier, WV, USA2964, d. 1877, Grant, IN, USA2964.

Children of John See and Margaret Jarrett are:

George See, b. 1781, Greenbrier, WV, USA2964, d. 1839, Decatur, Macon, IL, USA2964.
William See, b. 17812964, d. date unknown.
+Garred SEE, b. 07 Nov 1785, Greenbrier Co., Virginia(WV)2965, 2966, 2967, 2968, 2969, d. 09 Jan 1857, Lawrence Co., Kentucky2970, 2971, 2972, 2973, 2974, 2974.
Mary Polly See, b. 05 Jan 1786, Greenbrier, VA, USA2974, d. 31 Mar 1877, Centerville, Wayne, IN, USA2974.
David Way See, b. 15 Sep 1786, Greenbrier, WV, USA2974, d. 23 Apr 1869, Deer Creek, Cass, IN, USA2974.
Charles Frederick See, b. 22 Jan 1790, Greenbrier, WV, USA2974, d. 11 Mar 1869, Goren, Scotland, MO, USA2974.
Hannah See, b. 1795, Greenbrier, WV, USA2974, d. 1866, New London, Henry, IA, USA2974.
John See, b. 1798, Greenbrier, WV, USA2974, d. 1873, Rock Creek, Jasper, IA, USA2974.

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