Years 1900 -2000


Hansel See was borned in 1906 and had a twin sister Grethel. Grethel dies at a young age and Grethel drew the picture of the Gerber baby food jar for $200 in high school approx 16 years old. She played piano. She died in 1932. When she died, her father James Elwood See donated the property that he was going to give into SEE's cemetary. Any of the SEE's descendants in years past could be buried there for free. SEE's Cemetery is located south of Louisa, KY on Route 644. The cemetary is locked and Larry See at Young Funeral Home (co-owner) is the caretaker.

Fred Vincent

Frederick Moore "Fred" Vinson

Birthdate: January 22, 1890
Birthplace: Louisa, Lawrence, Kentucky
Death: Died September 8, 1953 in Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Place of Burial: Pinehill Cemetery, Louisa, Lawrence, Kentucky
Immediate Family:

Son of James Vinson and Virginia Vinson
Husband of Julia Roberta Dixon
Brother of Robert W. Vinson;

Hansel See was Fred Vinson's cousin and he knew him quite well. Hansel See went to law school for two years in the 1920s following in Fred's footsteps.

In 1930, Hansel See moved from Louisa, Kentucky to Elizabeth, Penssyvania. The story goes that he sold his land that his father gave him for $800 and bought himself an automobile. Another version was that he worked on the railroad and he went back and forth on the train to Elizabeth. He became a telegraph operator for the railroad. The railroad that he worked for was the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad (P&LE).



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