Years 1300 -1400


Sir Patrick Graham, had fallen two years before at the battle of Dunbar in 1296 while carrying the royal banner of the King of Scots. Their father, Sir David Graham, had married into the ancient Celtic Earldom of Strathern and acquired land around Kincardine in south Perthshire. He was also the first to acquire land around Loch Lomond on the verge of the Highlands, still held today by the present Duke of Montrose.


This is also the first record of Harold COOKE that showed up who was my 19th great Grandfather through the lineage of Mini HaHa DAVIS the wife of James Elwood SEE, my Great Grandfather. He lived in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. He was born in 1345 and his date of death in unknown.

Cook is an Anglo-Saxon name, which was orginally given to a cook, a seller of cooked meats or keeper of an eating house. Spelling variations are Cooke, Cook, Cocus. 1st found is Essex, where they were seated from the very ancient times.When the social climate in England became oppressive and many Cookes fled for America and Canada.


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